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BIG is a file extension and file format for archives which was used in several Electronic Arts games, including FIFA and FIFA Manager.

Structure[edit | edit source]

-- little-endian --
CHAR[4] - Signature - "BIGF"
UINT32  - Total file size
-- big-endian --
UINT32  - Number of files in archive
UINT32  - Header size (16 + (number of files * (8 + file name length + 1 terminating null)))
#FOR Number of files in archive
 UINT32 - File data offset
 UINT32 - File data size
 CHAR[] - File name (null-terminated)
CHAR[] - Some garbage (in FIFA Manager, a string "L231" may be present here
CHAR[] - Files data

Limits[edit | edit source]

The file header can't be larger than 2'097'152 bytes (2 MB).