Competition ID

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Each competition in the game has its unique ID. This ID consists of:

This ID is used mainly in script files, country database files and parameter files. The ID may be represented as a string with all 3 components (used in script files), or as an ineger number (decimal (used in country database files) or hexadecimal (used in parameter files)).

For example, a highest-level league in England (country ID 14) has an ID:

{ 14, LEAGUE, 0 } ; a string
0E010000 ; an integer number - hexadecimal (explained below)
234946560 ; an integer number - decimal

A hexadecimal ID consists of these parts:

          0E                      01                         0000
country ID (14 = 0xE) competition type (1 = 0x1)  competition index (0 = 0x0)