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Since Season Patch version 2020 1.0, it's possible to add custom 3D loading screens for each club. In Season Patch, stadium tunnel images are used for this purpose. In this article we'll try to add one.

Step 1. You need to find club's Unique ID value. You can find it in the Editor:

Custom 3D loadscreens 1.PNG

Step 2. Find or create the image you want to add. The image size must be 1920x1200 pixels and the format is .bmp. You can use Photoshop or GIMP to give an image proper dimensions and save it to .bmp. I'm using this image:

Custom 3D loadscreens 2.png

Step 3. Name this image with club's UID. In this case the name for the image will be 00150008.bmp

Step 4. Now, craete a folder (if it's not already created) stadiums/tunnel in your FM folder and put this image there. Here we are:

Custom 3D loadscreens 4.png

And here we can see the result in-game:

Manager 5107.png

Some more facts:

  • If you have custom loading screens in the Documents folder (Graphics\3DMatch\LoadingScreen), they will have a higher priority than any other loading screens. So if you want to see loadscreens from the "tunnel" folder, you will need to delete custom loadscreens from the Documents folder.
  • If there are no loadscreens in the Documents folder and there are no loadscreens for specific club in the "tunnel" folder, then a stadium image (1920x1200) will be used (if it's exist for the club).
  • The Patch already contains loading screens for some clubs, but they are packed into .big archives and that's why they are not seen in the "tunnels" folder.