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ID 5
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scripting instructions

Fills reserved spaces for country at specified position in the assessment table. It adds teams from the highest-level national league (starting from 1st place) in the country until reserved spaces are filled, or 13th place in the league is reached.

Parameter Location Description
SHORT inline assesment position (starting from 1) of the country
BYTE inline unused, always set to 8
  • IF specified assessment position exists in the assessment table
    • FOR each team in the highest-level national league ({ countryId, LEAGUE, 0})
      • IF there are free spaces in the reserved spaces table for the country
      • AND not reached the 13th place in the league
        • Add team to the competition.
      • ELSE
        • BREAK
  • IF the team was added
    • Decreases reserved assessment space.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This instruction should be called only after the table for assessment spaces was allocated with BUILD_COUNTER instruction. The assessment position parameter should be lesser than the allocated table size.