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Kits may be added to FIFA Manager in several different ways.

Originally, kit files are placed inside zdata .BIG archives as FSH images (shapes).

Original kits[edit | edit source]

The name for the kit inside zdata archives has following formatting:


Where %1 is a kit id and %2 is a FIFA team ID.

A kit id may consist of 1 or 2 digits. If the number has 1 digit, then it's a kit type:

0 - Home kit
1 - Away kit
2 - Goalkeeper kit

If the number has has 2 digits, then the first digit is a localisation ID for a kit, and the second digit is a kit type.

Localisation IDs:

2 - Germany
4 - Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Russia, Poland
6 - France

User kits[edit | edit source]

User kits may be placed in Documents/FIFA MANAGER XX/Graphics/3DMatch/Kits or Game Folder/data/kits.

The name for the kit inside user folder has following formatting:


Where %1 is an Unique Team ID (hexadecimal) and %2 is a kit type:

_h - Home kit
_a - Away kit
_t - third kit