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Master.dat is a binary database file. That's the final file of the database, it's generated with the Editor to be loaded by the game.

File structure[edit | edit source]

char[4]      - database type - XDFB (maybe X Database File Binary?)
unsigned int - version (depends on FM version), example: 0x2013000A
unsigned int - size (total size of uncompressed data)
unsigned int - uncompressed file hash
unsigned int - unknown, usually 6
unsigned int - unknown, usually 0
char[] - compressed data

The data is compressed with some 'LZ' algorythm (it's often used in FIFA games).

Uncompressed data structure[edit | edit source]

unsigned int - system (OS) timer value (when db was exported)
Country[207] - countries

Country format[edit | edit source]

unsigned int - number of league levels in country (max 32)
wchar_t[6][] - country name (with translations), null-terminated wide strings.