Partial Sorting

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A Partial Sorting is a special technique that can be used to randomly sort only a part of teams in a competition.

Implementation[edit | edit source]

Here's a possible implementation with UCP Scripting Syntax

#name "Partial Sorting example"

// This example shows how to apply partial random sorting
// to a pool with national teams

comp WorldCup {

// A pool with 20 teams - 10 teams from South America and 10 teams from Oceania.
// We want to make random pairs, but we want South American teams to play with
// Oceanian teams. So we can't use shuffleTeams() at the end of the script - it
// will randomly sort all teams. We put the shuffleTeams() command in the middle,
// and that's what we call a "partial sorting"
round "Test round" @test teams 20 matchdays 3 {
    shuffleTeams() // will shuffle teams which are already added at this point