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Person String ID is a string ID for players, staff members, employees, presidents and referees. It's used mainly to associate a portrait file with person, but can be also used in other areas (for example, in World Cup configuration file). The ID may consist of few components - person name, person birthdate, and player empics ID.

Person type Example data
Mbappé, Kylian, 20.12.1998 de Lima Ferreira, Képler Laveran, "Pepe", 26.02.1983
Original game Universal Converter Project Database Original game Universal Converter Project Database
Player MbappeKy20121998 MbappeKy20121998 Pepe26021983 Pepe26021983
Staff MbappeKy20121998 MbappeKy20121998 deLimaFerreiraKe26021983 Pepe26021983
Employee MbappeKy20121998 MbappeKy20121998 deLimaFerreiraKe26021983 Pepe26021983
President MbappeKy MbappeKy deLimaFerreiraKe deLimaFerreiraKe
Referee MbappeKy MbappeKy deLimaFerreiraKe deLimaFerreiraKe

When two or more players have same String ID, an Empics ID may be added to distinguish them:

FIFA Manager 13 - 14 AltintopHa08121982-884390 AltintopHa08121982-884384
FIFA Manager 07 - 12 AltintopHa08121982_884390 AltintopHa08121982_884384