Round flags

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Value Name Description
1 BEG_1ST_LEG 1 game
2 BEG_2ND_LEG 2 games
4 BEG_WITH_REPLAY 2 games, but only if 1st game ends tied
8 BEG_WITH_EXTRA_TIME Extra time if game ends tied
16 BEG_WITH_GOLDEN_GOAL Extra time with golden goal rule
32 BEG_WITH_PENALTY Penalty shoutout if extra time ends tied
64 BEG_END Used for final round
128 BEG_1ST_PLAYED internal
256 BEG_2ND_PLAYED internal
4096 BEG_EXTRA_TIME internal
8192 BEG_GOLDEN_GOAL internal
16384 BEG_PENALTY internal
32768 BEG_FINISHED internal
67108864 BEG_WITH_SILVER_GOAL Extra time with silver goal rule
134217728 BEG_WITHOUT_AWAY_GOAL Do not take away goals rule into account?
268435456 BEG_NO_SHUFFLE Pool will not be mixed
536870912 BEG_NO_PREMIERLEAGUE_TEAMS No 1st league teams will be drawn together (works only if there a enough lower league opponents)