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TPI is an internal image type in FIFA Manager. It was first seen in TCM 2005. It supports DXT-compression and mipmapping.

Image in TPI file is divided into tiles. The size of tile (width and height) is a power of two (from 4x4 to 256x256).

Structure[edit | edit source]

The file starts with a 16-byte header:

CHAR[4] - signature - 'TPI1' (32-bit low-endian integer)
CHAR[4] - pixel format - example: "DXT1".
CHAR[4] - compression method - "Refp" for compressed files (Refp compression), "None" for non-compressed files.
UINT16  - image width
UINT16  - image height
UINT16  - tiles count
UINT16  - unknown (usually 0)

After the header, tiles are placed. Each tile has such structure:

UINT32  - data size
CHAR[data size] - data

The data is compressed if compression is used in the file (defined in the header). When not compressed (or decompressed), the data has following structure (similar to FSH sections):

---- section header (tag) ----
UINT8   - tag: section ID (also used as pixel internal format for image section)
UIN24   - tag: next section offset
---- section data (specific for each section type (ID)) ----
UINT16  - tile width
UINT16  - tile height
UINT16  - tile center - x
UINT16  - tile center - y
UINT12  - tile position - left
UINT1   - internal flag
UINT3   - unknown
UINT12  - tile position - top
UINT4   - mipmap count
CHAR[]  - pixels data

Pixel formats[edit | edit source]

Name Internal Format (Hex) Description
8888 7D 32-bit image with alpha channel (8 bit)
0888 7F 24-bit image without alpha channel
4444 6D 16-bit image with alpha channel (4 bit)
1555 7E 16-bit image with alpha channel (1 bit)
0565 78 16-bit image without alpha channel
DXT1 60 compressed image (DXT1)
DXT3 61 compressed image (DXT3)
DXT5 62 compressed image (DXT5)