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TeamInit.txt file is used to indicate teams that will participate in the competition when it's performed for the first time in the game. The file may contain information for few competitions. It's usually placed in the scripts folder, but may be also placed in %FM_DOCUMENTS%\Data\Scripts\Competitions folder.

File Format[edit | edit source]

Each competition entry starts with competition hexadecimal ID in square brackets, and followed by hexademical in-game team IDs. These IDs are generated dynamically by the Editor when it writes the database to the game (so they may differ on different database versions). For national teams those IDs are same as their Unique IDs and .sav indexes. The ID may be followed by an optional comment (any text that is placed after the ID is ignored).

In the original game, TeamInit.txt contains team IDs for Confederation Cup (ID FF200000).

0036FFFF - Brasil
002DFFFF - Spain
001BFFFF - Italy
003CFFFF - Uruguay
0053FFFF - Mexico
0085FFFF - Nigeria
00A3FFFF - Japan
00CAFFFF - Tahiti

The number of teams should be same as the number of teams in the competition. Also, each team in the list must be present in the game. If any of those conditions won't met, the content of the file will be ignored, and the usual competition script will be performed.